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Some would say that this is the bleakest  month of the year, but we see it as the month when the wedding season slows down and the Christmas season kicks into gear.

Its the month when Orchids come back into season. Amaryllis are freely available and Birds of Paradise are now part of our weekly order.

Some people think Phaelenopsis Orchids are a troublesome plant. I’d like to knock that idea on the head and say buy  your  Orchids but water them with caution , they need very little water and that’s where most people go wrong. Be careful and you will have many blooms for years to come. Don’t panic if they lose some blooms, continue to care for them and they will come back. Also invest in some orchid food , We provide it with every orchid plant purchased at Ring O Roses.

Coming up in December.  Check out our amazing Christmas displays and gifts. And how to care for them to ensure you will have great value for your money.

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Ring o Roses is an award winning florist, situated in Dooradoyle Limerick with daily delievries to city funeral homes and the regional maternity hospital.