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Oh my my my July!

July: The Colourful Month.

July to me as an Irishwoman is real summer.  It is the high season, though in a country where we have such unpredictable weather you could have high season in May or even April. But July is the start of the childrens summer school holidays. Sundays see the roads to the coast packed regardless of the weather because after all it is July.

Im always so enthusiastic about July , The month of the Dahlia, Every Dahlia grower gets the chance to sell their blooms and make some cash.

The Daisy grows wild, they can grow so tall they can be seen over hedgegrows. Or in clumps on the side of the road.

Thrift is in full bloom on coastal areas. I love that pink little dome on leafless stems. A treat from Mother Nature.

The gardens including my own is full of begonia and geranium. Roses and hydrangea.  Colour, colour colour everywhere.

Don’t forget July is the month of high growth, your plants need water and food to thrive.

Slugs and bugs are in their element so protect your outdoor plants.

Above all enjoy this amazing month and take time to smell the roses.

Oh my my my July.

See you soon.

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