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April Showers. The good and the bad.

What do April showers have to offer us ?

Beautiful blooms sin our garden for the  month on May. 

Yes we all dislike rain,especially us Irish who have way too much  rain .But April showers can help our gardens. it can increase the yield of blossoms and floweers, fruit and veg for the coming months.

Thats the positive, now for the negative. Its so wet! 

We want blue skies and lots of sun. (Please)

My  brides want their wedding day to be beautiful, if not sunny then at least lelt it tbe dry. 

I have 7 weddings this month and that means a lot of anxiuos Brides and indeed Mothers. Will it ruin her dress? her hair? her photographs?

Putting the child of prague in the garden the night before the wedding is an old tradition and wedding after wedding we hope it works.

Realistically Ireland is one of those countries that finen weather is never guaranteed. some couples go abroad to have sunshine on their wedding day and while that is fantastsic , there is no plaace like home. 

This year despite our unreliable weather more and more couplesa are staying at home to get married and a larger number of overseas couples are coming to Ireland to wed. 

I asked one couple from Jacksonville Florida why they wanted to be married here. the reply was they can have sunshine any day, but they get tradition and character in ireland , so they will glady forego the weather for authenticity.

Are we ever satisified ? 

At Ring O Roses we give all the help and advice possible to help our wedding couples . 

If the weather is bad we advise more internal displays, anad likewise if we have wonderful weather (when) we advise outdoor displays.

Whatever the weather your wedding day is such a special day you shouldnt worry about April showers.

See you in May.

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