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Save the Date or Change the Date?
Save the Date or Change the Date?
Couples are facing a very stressful decision on whether to postpone their wedding or not due to the current pandemic. They are not sure when it will be safe to have their dream wedding again, if they need to change their numbers, and if they reschedule when should it be? There are a lot of questions and I hope to share some advice with couples going through this tough time.
July . Wet July

Why does it rain in July?

Why are Irish Summers so unrealiable?

To these questions I have no answer Im afraid. so what do we do to ensure our wedding flowers help to make the day brighter despite the weather.We create the best displays for our  clients. Yesterday was a miserable day with rain and ...

May Blossoms

The birds are singing at 4am.

The children await School holidays.

Students nervously prepare for exams.

Florists are flat at out with the increase in weddings.

Growers are capitalising  the increase in sales.  And every Bride is praying for a fine day for their wedding.

Cherry blossom


April Showers. The good and the bad.

What do April showers have to offer us ?

Beautiful blooms sin our garden for the  month on May.

Yes we all dislike rain,especially us Irish who have way too much  rain .But April showers can help our gardens. it can increase the yield of blossoms and floweers, fruit and veg for the coming months.

March, The Month of Mothers Day.


March the month of Mothers Day.

What is like to be a Florist and a Mother?

Simple answer. Its the two things I love most in my Life.

The most wonderful day in March to me is Mothers day.

It’s the day we show  all the Mothers  in our lives just how much we cherish them.

All over the world th...

Novemeber. The Dark Month.

November is the start of the Dark Months, Clocks have gone back meaning  the days are shorter and nights are longer.

But I Love November despite all that. The new planting for the new season has begun. All the tidy up has been done , well almost!!

Now it’s time to prepare for the silly season.


OCTOBER : The clean up and start again month



October : the clean up  and start again month.


October to me has always been the clean up and start again month.


Clean up the garden after the last of the summer blooms, prune trees and bushes and clear out all the old debris.


Then: start all over again. Pla...

September : The Golden Month/


September. The golden month.

I love September . It might herald the end of hope for a long hot summer but it shows the start of a golden Autumn.

The trees are turning golden with hints of burgundy.

The blackberries are starting to ripen.

Apple trees are about to be stripped bare.

But  and ...

August Summer or Autumn.


August . Summer or Autumn ?

One could be forgiven for thinking it’s more like Winter ,with the weather we’ve had in recent weeks.

But August has its charms regardless of the weather. With foliage turning a lovely pale gold colour and berries appearing on Blackberry bushes .

For Florists August...

Oh my my my July!

July: The Colourful Month.

July to me as an Irishwoman is real summer.  It is the high season, though in a country where we have such unpredictable weather you could have high season in May or even April. But July is the start of the childrens summer school holidays. Sundays see the roads to the co...

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